Your Epipen®

EpiPen is a type of adrenaline auto-injector. It is available as Epipen 300 micrograms solution for injection in pre-filled pen and Epipen Junior 150 micrograms solution for injection in pre-filled pen. Each auto-injector can be used only once. 1

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EpiPen® Patient Brochure

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1 EpiPen SPC

Using your Epipen®

When your doctor prescribes Epipen, you must make sure you understand the reason it has been prescribed for you.

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The #TakeTheKit film was produced by the Anaphylaxis Campaign, the only UK charity supporting people at risk from severe allergic reactions, who have given us permission to use it on our website.

Please visit for information about anaphylaxis in Ireland.

EpiPen® Press Release

Patient Level Recall of one lot of Epipen® 300 microgram autoinjector in Ireland.

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