Parents and carers

Parents and carers

Being the parent or carer of a person with anaphylaxis can be worrying. Make sure you know how to recognise the signs of anaphylaxis and what to do if it happens as this can help ease that worry.


  • Always make sure the person with anaphylaxis has their adrenaline auto-injector with them at all times
  • Make sure you know where your adrenaline auto-injector is kept
  • Understand what may trigger anaphylaxis and learn to recognise its symptoms
  • Each pen can only be used once. If symptoms don’t get better, or get worse, a second auto-injector can be injected after 5-15 minutes
  • You must dial 112, ask for an ambulance and state ‘anaphylaxis’ (pronounced ‘anna-fill-axis’) immediately after administering the auto-injector

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